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Though 30% of brand marketers execute local campaigns within 8 to 20 days of a national launch, 31% say they require 30+ days to distribute local marketing materials. However, 88% of marketers who have executed local national campaigns simultaneously say their brand gained a competitive advantage by doing so. (CMO Council). 

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Corporate Imaging, Brand Development, Copywriting, Intergrated Marketing, Creative Direction, Marketing Strategy, Advertising, Social Media, Social Networking Management, Commercial TV Direction,(CG) Computer Generated Imaging, Graphic Design, Video Production & Editing, Multi-Media Production, Research & Development, Media Buys, Marketing Concepts and Strategic Planning. Retainers Available.

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M2 Magic Media handles all aspects of the advertising marketing and event promotions process, including planning, design, production, and placement. We also handle aspects of marketing communication, such as sales promotion, Internet and direct marketing.

Magic Media’s many creative marketing campaigns and strategic placements are showcased in and on TV, Radio, Buses, Billboards, Internet, Newspapers, Posters, Movies, CD jackets and Magazines nationwide. Our skillsets include, but are not limited to, Strategic Planning, Marketing Consulting, Design, Computer Graphic Special Effects, Digital Animation, TV & Video Direction, Art Direction, Commercial Layout, Print Preparation, Motion Picture Art Direction, Photo Enhancement & Manipulation, Advertising Design, Voice-overs, Scripting, Storyboards, Cinematic & Dramatic Stage Design.


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